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The divine message of “Angelum Lucis Attunement” requires your utmost attention

I bring you good tidings from me and your guardian angel. It is I, your Spiritual Guide, Ansley Reid and as I have promised, I present to you, carefully documented messages and instructions from your guardian angel. My child, the personal details you handed me did justice to carefully help me take down your readings for the coming months and nearest future. It is evident in the unending information, I have to unveil to your troubled soul.

I must first relay in order of importance, the life-changing discovery that I have made about you from my journey my dear. You must know that your guardian angel holds you dear to its heart. And indeed, it wishes to perform its duty as your guardian angel by stepping into your life and making all things right for you.

Your guardian angel being confined by the binds of the law of free will have watched in a state of near helplessness yearning to reach out to you and perhaps share this message of Angelum Lucis Attunement. Perhaps, you were unaware of how to go about it but it is evident that restraints from both sides have successfully hindered the divine message from passing through the sender and receiver.

The celestial confirmation from your guardian angel as it spurred me into taking quick actions regarding the present issues causing you unrest. Thus, interceding to your guardian angel on your behalf, I uncovered your message and carry on to seek the quickest and best possible solution to your problems.

I am certain that if you efficiently immerse into Angelum Lucis Attunement, there would be a manifestation of dynamic changes in your life.

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You have neglected the path prepared for you by your Guardian Angel

It pleases me to inform you of the absence of conditions underlying the love your guardian angel has provided for you. For this reason, it doesn’t matter if you work for the ministry or you hold big titles in life. I do not mince words when I tell you of how unadulteratedly I felt the strong ever-presence of your angel and I stand on this promise when I tell you that positive changes align your path notwithstanding your position in life.

The importance of your archangel’s attunement plans for you should never be undermined. Perhaps you do not sense or feel it or you were unaware of the weight of blessings you bore when you were born but I tell you, my dear one, that I know you have a conviction within you that the height of your greatness exceeds whatever challenge you currently encounter.

You have patiently waited for the day when it will all make sense through means of vision and dreams or narrowly escaping the cold ruthlessness of death itself.

Blinded by these myths and misconceptions, your true potential is limited as you yearn and long for that day. But mankind is known to display traits of impatience, you begin to lose hope when your expectation is not forthcoming. A huge box of doubt and skepticism weigh you down, expanding the existing gap between you and your guardian angel.

The financial strain and difficulties you must have experienced are however unnecessary and non-justifiable if you had liberated your mind from its ignorance and employed your Angelum Lucis Attunement rather than stray from its principles. This is the primary task bestowed upon me by your guardian angel, to emancipate you.

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A final note before you meet your Guardian Angel

On this note of finality, it can be deduced that when you do not stray from the pathway paved by your guardian angel, you are bound to work in a well-constructed plan aligning you for greatness.

Your guardian angel knows you more than you do yourself and it is its job to lead you and increase your coast as it uplifts you beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. And for as long as you choose to let your Guardian Angel take the wheel, there would be opening doors of opportunity and breakthrough.

In the time past, you might have made terrible mistakes and shut out your guardian angel, you might have walked amiss and encountered setbacks and you are probably wondering where your guardian angel had been all this while and why he let it all happen.

I want you to know that he knows all things and he let things happen the way they did because he cares for you and his plans differ from yours. You’ll only encounter difficulties from which you can learn valuable lessons that are essential to the growth of your future.
There is a reward for every course of action you take and your guardian angel never misses a step.

Grant Me The Divine Strength

An era of a breakthrough and taking the giant leap

It is not an unpopular feeling to think that you are not making progress, especially when it appears so. Sometimes, it feels like the gap to breach is too wide and you just want to coil in and withdraw into your shell. It is important to trust in your Guardian Angel at this stage and believe that it never makes errors. 

As you hold on to your guardian angel in anticipation of that giant leap, you might feel that you are running from your career, finances, and life in general rather than forward. But remember that when you retract even to the breaking point, you have enough room to gather momentum and pick up speed for that leap that would breach the space between your present difficulties and your future success.

Remember Brother Job in the bible. God took him on the run and his friends rubbed it all over his face that he felt he could not take it anymore but God had bigger plans for him. And when everyone thought it was all over, God guided him through the giant leap, and all that he lost was returned to him in double folds. 

You have probably been taken on this run and it is becoming overbearing. Well, I come bearing good news to not let go because the breakthrough is here. Your Guardian Angel wants you to hold firm as you race back to the top. With me as your interpreter, it’s high time you applied your Angelum Lucis Attumement.

With a little call for help, I’d be willing to help out your Angelum Lucis Attumement as you work hand in hand with your Guardian Angel to take the giant leap to a bright future.

Rest Assured, I’ll be your guide as you take your leap of faith

You know you possess a tree of potential waiting to be tapped and you do not deserve to eat crumbs. You deserve a better job, career, financial situation, and whatever you have lying in stock. All of your heart desire exist can be achieved. I know you know this because it is the reason why you have asked for my help and if you let me run with you as you prepare to take the giant leap that your Guardian Angel has prepared for you, the sky becomes a stepping stone for you.

‘’The sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning’’

I beseech you to gather momentum today in anticipation of the giant leap because you possess all the qualities for greatness and should not continue to scrape leftovers. This is a major reason why you should let me prepare your Angelum Lucis Attumement as a guide to help you evade mistakes on your journey.

Guide Me On My True Life Path