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EMAIL SWIPES (NEW Archangel Funnel!)

Spirituality & PD Swipes

Email Swipe 1: Your Guardian Angel

Subject: Your Guardian Angel

Dear [Name],

In the midst of your darkest times...

The angels have come to protect you.

Your own Guardian Angel will support you through all your hurdles..

From the seventh heaven, they empower you with strength far beyond your wildest dreams.

Speak with your Guardian Angel here


Sign off


Email Swipe 2: Your Guardian Angel's Message To You

Subject: Your Guardian Angel's Message To You

You may find this strange but..

This magical energy has lead me to you.

Do you know that many people in the world have found ways to invoke our protectors?

The only thing left to do now is to learn the right way to connect with your Guardian Angel.

[Name], your Guardian Angel have many things to say to you.

Click here to find out this angelic magical energy that connect both of us together


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Email Swipe 3: Divine Reading From The Angels

Subject: Divine Reading From The Angels

Dear [Name],

>>> Get your complimentary personalized Angel Reading Now <<<

This reading is totally free.

I must tell you, I'm sensing something powerful surrounding you..

You should take advantage in the powers and luck you have with you now!

Click here to unfold the secret..


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Email Swipe 4: [Personal] Exclusive Angel Reading For You

Subject: [Personal] Exclusive Angel Reading For You

Dear [name],

"I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand in the glorious presence of the Lord, ready to serve him."

Everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad.

You may miss your alarm and being late for a meeting, but because of that you manage to save your life from an accident that will happen if you were on time.

You may not have enough money to pay your bills or even to eat, but this shows you the people that are there for you!

He has great plans for you..

And has always been keeping an eye on you..

Click Here to get your Exclusive Angel Reading..

Your best awaits.

Sign off.


Email Swipe 5: The Angel Blessing For [name]

Subject: The Angel Blessing For [name]

Dear [name].

Do you know that everyone have a personal guardian angel?

That has been watching over you since the day you were born?

This reading will reveal all the answer you have been seeking your whole life.

Click here to get your personalize angel reading.

Follow the Angel, your mind, and your soul.

It’s time

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Spirituality & PD Swipes

Email Swipe 1: How to Tap into the Secret Power of Angels

Subject: How To Tap Into The Secret Power Of Angels

Dear [Name],

Do you know that you were assigned one or more angel since birth?

You may not see them physically, but they are always there for you.

And what’s more is that you can actually ‘tap’ into their powers to achieve things like…

- Healing yourself or a particular person

- Manifesting something you’ve always wanted

- Finding answers to a persistent problem you have been facing


=> Find out more about the forgotten prayer of angels here!


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Email Swipe 2: Today's Angel Blessings

Subject: Today’s Angel Blessings


Today your angels have come to you with a gift.

=> A gift that will change your life completely.

You will discover how to channel angelic energy to transform yourself and break free from the worries, stress and anxieties that have been hindering you.

Be sure to give thanks to your angels!


Sign off


Email Swipe 3: Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Subject: Your prayers have been answered

Dear [Name],

If you have been praying for money, wealth or something else.

Your angels want you to know that your prayers have been answered.

=> Over here

Keep it to yourself.


Sign Off


Email Swipe 4: The Most Powerful Prayer

Subject: The Most Powerful Prayer

Dear [name],

If you truly believe in praying.

Then you ought to learn about the most powerful prayer!

It has nothing to do with religion or philosophy. It is simply a universal truth that just works.

=> The most powerful prayer

Ansley Reid shares how you can perform this prayer and transform your life completely HERE.

Your best awaits.

Sign off.


Email Swipe 5: You are not alone

Subject: You are not alone

Dear [name].

Do you sometimes feel …

That you have to bare all the responsibilities and they are only yours to face?

You could be the sole breadwinner of your family.

Or maybe you have overwhelming debts which are out of your control.

And you feel that no one understands what you are going through.

Worst, not even the closest people around you.

I want you to know, that you are NOT alone.

Your angels are always watching you from a distance. - Whether you know it or not.

And it’s time they want to show you something.

=> End all suffering and break free now

It’s time

Sign off


Email Swipe 6: Archangel _____ is calling

Subject: Archangel _____ is calling

Dear [name],

You may believe that there’s a specific angel assigned to you.

But what if I told you, you could actually connect with one or MORE angels.

=> Continue reading here.

The best part?

You can actually channel your angel’s powers to heal yourself and others.

=> Just by using this forgotten prayer of the angels

Warning: It’s extremely powerful (Do not attempt to learn it if you are not ready)

Sign Off


Email Swipe 7: The 2 word prayer that changes EVERYTHING

Subject: The 2 word prayer that changes EVERYTHING

Dear [name],

My friend Ansley Reid was going through a very tough period of her life.

Her mom who had single handedly raise her was diagnosed with cancer and her business was incurring debt.

Everything came crashing down until she accidentally discovered this 2 word prayer that changed EVERYTHING.

=> Read more about her story here.

If you are facing a tough period of your life, this 2 word prayer could change everything for you too.

All you need, is the willingness to ask.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

Sign off,


Love and light,

Ansley Reid.

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