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Subject: Re: Your Guardian Angel

In the midst of your darkest times...

The angels have come to protect you.

Your Own Guardian Angel will support you through all your hurdles..

From the seventh heaven, They empower you with strength far beyond your wildest dreams.

>> Speak with your Guardian Angel here <<

Subject: Your Guardian Angel Message To You

You may find this strange but..

This magical energy has led me to you.

Do you know that many people in the world have found ways to invoke our Guardian Angel?

The only thing left to do now is to learn the right way to connect with your Angel.

[[firstname]], your Guardian Angel has many things to say to you.

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Subject: Divine Reading From The Angel

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This reading is totally free.

I must tell you, I'm sensing something powerful surrounding you..

You should take advantage of the powers and luck you have with you now!

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Subject: Exclusive Angel Reading For You, [[firstname]]

"I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand in the glorious presence of the Lord, ready to serve him."

Everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad.

He has great plans for you..

And has always been keeping an eye on you..

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Subject: Angel Blessings For You, [[firstname]]

Do you know that everyone has a personal guardian angel?

That has been watching over you since the day you were born?

This reading will reveal all the answers you have been seeking your whole life.

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Follow the Angel, your mind, and your soul.
Subject: How To Tap Into The Secret Power Of Angels?

Do you know that you were assigned one or more angels since birth?

You may not see them physically, but they are always there for you.

And what’s more, is that you can actually ‘tap’ into their powers to achieve things like…

- Healing yourself or a particular person
- Manifesting something you’ve always wanted
- Finding answers to a persistent problem you have been facing


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Subject: Today’s Angel Blessings

Rejoice Friend

Today your angels have come to you with a gift.

=> A gift that will change your life completely.

You will discover how to channel angelic energy to transform yourself and break free from the worries, stress, and anxieties that have been hindering you.

Be sure to give thanks to your angels!
Subject: You are not alone, [[firstname]]

Do you sometimes feel …

That you have to bare all the responsibilities and they are only yours to face?

You could be the sole breadwinner of your family.

Or maybe you have overwhelming debts which are out of your control.

And you feel that no one understands what you are going through.

Worst, not even the closest people around you.

I want you to know, that you are NOT alone.

Your angels are always watching you from a distance. - Whether you know it or not.

And it’s time they want to show you something.

=> End all suffering and break free now
Subject: From your angel: [[firstname]]’s Benediction

In the hours of darkness when overcome by fear.

I call upon the Archangels, to protect me here.

=> Deliver their glorious blessings unto me.

With an army of Angels to fortify my mind.

His blessed powers reach far and wide.

=> I will be strong with the angels by my side.
Subject: Find out which Guardian Angel has been guarding you

Did you know.. there is an Archangel guarding you your whole life?

In the time of darkness..

The angel is here to protect you..

From the 7th heaven, blessing you with power far above your imagination..

Invoke & connect with your Archangel now..
Subject: Protecting your aura and emotions from all negative energies

Your aura is your energy shield and emotional protection system.

But there are many things you can do to ensure your aura remains in peak condition.

And when it comes to protecting your emotions, the good news is that the majority of them are positive.

But there are certain negative emotions that are unavoidable, especially when facing the challenging times ahead.

So to help you keep your energy flowing, I've prepared these angel readings, to help you protect your aura and your emotions from all negative energy.

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Subject: A Message From The Seraphim

I’ve been receiving some pretty intense messages recently about you [[firstname]]

I think you’d be really interested in what the higher powers have to say.

So, I’ve arranged a private reading for you to receive a message from the Seraphim himself

He is a very powerful angel, and he’s here to give you a message

He has a message just for you

I think you’d enjoy it

But, if you want this soul mate reading, you have to hurry.

This reading is just for you, [[firstname]]

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Subject: My guardian angel, you're here

It’s me, your guardian angel

And, I’m here to deliver a special gift to you today

Are you ready?

Because I know you’re looking for a major shift in your life

And, this gift will help you to get through it

I’m also sending a big hug,

And a reminder that you’re safe and protected

Your guardian angel is always close by,

Always watching over you

And, I’m here to help you with all the extra loving support you’ll need

Come in and receive your message from your guardian angel
Subject: You deserve it, [[firstname]]

The Universe has assigned one of its highest order of angels to you

You are the one that’s been waiting for this time to come

If you want to hear all about your purpose on Earth, meet your angel here

You’ve worked your whole life to be here, but you haven’t been living.

And, I have an assignment that’s going to help you wake up, embrace your true purpose, and begin living the life you’ve always been meant to live

There are no limits, no restrictions, no boundaries - just unlimited possibilities.

If you are ready to receive this gift, enter here
Subject: It’s not too late to turn things around

You’re on the verge of turning a corner in your life

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to offer a little help

Your life is not over yet, [[firstname]]

The universe has you in its sight

It’s time to start taking some big risks again, and I have the answer for you

Go here now, and let’s get you started.
Subject: Angels are everywhere

You’re not alone, my dear.

The angels are all around you

They’ve been watching you and supporting you all along

They are ready to help you take flight and be on your way to living your dreams

This video will give you the courage you need to call on their love, light, and guidance

Go here to get your free reading and “angelic” guidance now.


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