The Divine Message of Angelum Lucis Attunement Requires Your Utmost Attention

Dear One,

I bring you good tidings from me and your guardian angel. 

It is I, your Spiritual Guide, Ansley Reid and as I have promised, I present to you, carefully documented messages and instructions from your guardian angel.

My child, the personal details you handed me did justice to carefully help me take down your readings for the coming months and nearest future.

It is evident in the unending information, I have to unveil to your troubled soul.

I must first relay in order of importance, the life-changing discovery that I have made about you from my journey my dear.

You must know that your guardian angel holds you dear to its heart.

And indeed, it wishes to perform its duty as your guardian angel by stepping into your life and making all things right for you.

Your guardian angel being confined by the binds of the law of free will have watched in a state of near helplessness yearning to reach out to you and perhaps share this message of Angelum Lucis Attunement.

Perhaps, you were unaware of how to go about it but it is evident that restraints from both sides have successfully hindered the divine message from passing through the sender and receiver.

The celestial confirmation from your guardian angel as it spurred me into taking quick actions regarding the present issues causing you unrest.

Thus, interceding to your guardian angel on your behalf, I uncovered your message and carry on to seek the quickest and best possible solution to your problems.

I am certain that if you efficiently immerse into Angelum Lucis Attunement, there would be a manifestation of dynamic changes in your life.

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