It pleases me to inform you of the absence of conditions underlying the love your guardian angel has provided up for you.

For this reason, it doesn’t matter if you work for the ministry or you hold big titles in life.

I do not mince words when I tell you of how unadulteratedly I felt the strong ever-presence of your angel and I stand on this promise when I tell you that positive changes align your path notwithstanding your position in life.

The importance of your archangel’s attunement plans for you should never be undermined. 

Perhaps you do not sense or feel it or you were unaware of the weight of blessings you bore when you were born but I tell you, my dear one, that I know you have a conviction within you that the height of your greatness exceeds whatever challenge you currently encounter.

You have patiently waited for the day when it will all make sense through means of vision and dreams or narrowly escaping the cold ruthlessness of death itself.

Blinded by these myths and misconceptions, your true potentials are limited as you yearn and long for that day.

But mankind is known to display traits of impatience, you begin to lose hope when your expectation is not forthcoming.

A huge box of doubt and skepticism weigh you down, expanding the existing gap between you and your guardian angel.

The financial strain and difficulties you must have experienced are however unnecessary and non-justifiable if you had liberated your mind from its ignorance and employed your Angelum Lucis Attunement rather than stray from its principles. 

This is the primary task bestowed upon me by your guardian angel, to emancipate you.