Archangel Raguel is associated with justice usually comes through for those under his guidance, especially when sought after.

He is often attributed to helping people create and maintain orderliness in their lives.

Your Self-discipline ability

Like the other Archangels, Archangel Raguel communicates with those who seek him in different ways, employing dreams or vision among other channels.

He restores to a troubled heart, calm, and helps maintain a level of self-discipline and composure, ensuring you play your quota in your relationship with other people.

An advocate for justice and discipline, he places in your heart convictions for harmonious living and mental stability.

Hence, you find yourself volunteering for community projects, practicing ideal parental skills, and maintaining good neighborly etiquette that further strengthens ties and creates room for the right connection.

You will also be involved in dedicated service to God, meditation, serving the needy and appreciating nature.

All of this helps to strengthen mental health and you begin to see great results in your career, relationship, and spiritual life.

The Justice for the oppressed

There are many situations menkind tag unjust and unfair and with the rate of criminal activities rising each passing day, it is gradually becoming a normal affair in our society.

Oftentimes, we fall victim to one or two such scenarios and can't seem to let go.

Holding on to a grudge within us that only seems to widen the gap between us and our guardian angel.

Archangel Raguel, often described as an advocate of justice, possess the gift of sating the souls of the oppressed, filling the vacuum of hurt, and channeling their anger towards more productive activities.

That is, Archangel Raguel is a champion at granting strength to the weak even as they hope that the God of vengeance would intervene in their situation and administer justice to the wicked.

He is the right one to communicate your discomfort to, especially in a helpless situation. 

He is also responsible for empowering people to desist from exhibiting unjust behavior, giving room for honesty in our places of work and relationships with men.

This in turn provides excellence in our living conditions.