Archangel Raguel, the archangel of nature is a storehouse with a variety of powerful traits.

Mother nature as she is often depicted in elements of nature, helps you reach the height of your potential making provision for the utilization of nature's gifts.

She intervenes for and intercedes on behalf of those who seek her protection, planting in them, God's gift for excellence

god's plan

She also helps to unveil God's given purpose in your life, taking on her job of guiding your path to success.

It is a norm that she assists in setting goals and standards that aligns with God's plans for you, help you overcome obstacles that should otherwise be setbacks and agents of stagnation for you, and finally reaching the targeted goal.

The divine being helps to embolden and encourage those who are otherwise weak.

This she does by gently shoving you until you can stand on your feet without stumbling and bestowing upon you, the gift of confidence.

Archangel Ariel is the mother of nature and harnessing nature's beauty requires that you move beyond the confines of your comfort zone and inner shell, hence this trait is given to those who ask for it.

Invoking the archangel and making her your guardian inevitably means that you received wisdom to stand in places you were formerly afraid to and you embark on bold life-changing quests.

Your Divine Healing Power

Archangel Ariel also wields the power to heal, and although it is channeled towards animals, the healing trait is often exhibited in the life of the troubled.

In as much as Archangel Ariel encourages you to explore and bask in nature's beauty as you explore its height and depth, it constantly reminds you to keep your ego in check, avoiding the traits of self-centeredness and selfishness as these are mere illusions of man.

Life should be approached with the innocence of a child who likes to share his toys.

Mother nature houses no trait of selfishness, rather, nature gives freely to all with no price attached to its generosity.

When you apply these principles following the Angelum Lucis Attunment, there are bound to be positive results.