Archangel Chamuel can be described as one who perpetrates harmonious living in the life of mankind in general.

It might surprise you to know how far you can go in life when you are at peace with yourself and those around you.


Immediately you connect to your guardian angel and chose to walk in its laid-out pathway, you find yourself at peace with God as you learn how to relate with God well.

Inner peace within You

First, it brings out a yearning to create a more intimate relationship with the supreme being.

This subsequently helps you to make the right requests in the right manner, having established a father-son relationship with the most divine being.

Hence, you become inclined towards his affairs, becoming dedicated to the things that would strengthen the link you have with him.

You find yourself interested in worship and studying God's word with ease.

God instructs that we love our neighbors as we do ourselves and this goes to show that you are a reflection of what you have within you.

That is, you cannot begin to portray changes in your outer life if you do not start with inner peace within your soul.

The Love and your neighbor

Furthermore, Archangel Chamuel communicates with those under its radius of protection as he teaches them to maintain steady relationships with others.

Here, he places in your heart ideas for conflict resolution, tolerance, and togetherness as well as forgiving hearts to repair a failing relationship.

This in turn gives no room for miscommunication and internal crises as he also creates room to rise above irrelevant and minor disagreement that could otherwise escalate into destructive unrest. 

You sometimes find yourself receiving insights on how best to approach a business deal or run a political campaign to win the heart of your adversaries as you stand out in the sea of competition.

In addition to this, when you apply Angelum Lucis Attunement in your life, you will find yourself receiving favor in the labor market.

Oftentimes, we attempt to neglect this protocol and we find ourselves struggling financially, mentally, and socially with little or no results.

It is cogent to also note that the relationship mender is also known to help restore lost items, hence its title as the finding archangel.

This goes beyond the physical realm as it also includes mental and emotional loss.

It could be helping you find a lost business idea or replacing it with a better one to compensate you for that which you have lost and it could also mean helping you forge ahead after the death of a close relation. 

Be that as it may, its soothing hand of restoration cannot be undermined in situations when you best need it.

You should seek the help of Archangel Chamuel when you get lost on the way, when you need true love, when you feel the need to link up with a lost friend of yours or when you feel like your emotions are scattered and you need to gather your thoughts as he is known to restore orderliness to confused minds.