When you find yourself in a state of stagnancy and what you diagnose to be backwardness probably because you have run out of ideas and suggestions, you feel yourself gradually sinking until you enter a state of self-doubt and disbelief in yourself, not willing nor attempting to take steps of faith. 

This is a very pitiful situation especially when there stands between you and your helper, a barricade.

Archangel Gabriel is known for creativity, bestowing upon those he guards the gift of belief in oneself expanding their spheres of self-confidence to perform one's objectives and on to completion of one's set goals.

Your divine messages for life situations

The messenger of God, Archangel Gabriel is attributed with running direct errands for the Lord.

Connecting with this angel as your guardian would help to relay messages and instructions that are applicable in your everyday life, especially in these times of difficulty and financial trials.

This is a privilege of high importance as it is a means of direct communication with the supreme lord.

Hence, when you need a superior eye on situations that appear too difficult to surpass, you can seek out the counsel of God's mouthpiece to help water the ground and ease that difficult situation.

People seek counsel from the archangel on how best to carry out divine assignments given to them. In the same vein that they seek wisdom for daily living, they also seek the confidence to make certain decisions and the strength to implement their decisions.

In your finances or relationship, you might have to make decisions that are considered to be highly risky. In some cases, these actions may appear senseless to man but are however divine instructions that would alienate your situation.

Your strength to withstand trials

The attribute of this archangel includes strength both in the physical and spiritual aspects of one's life.

Often, we breakdown along the way to our success due to a lack of perseverance.

It is important to note that our plans and God's plans towards us may differ.

While we seek a hasty response to our expectations, God's plans toward us might include the long and treacherous trek home.

Hence, the archangel inspires those under its wings of protection as they are granted energy and strength like that of the lion and a restored body charged up to the full capacity to carry out projects.

This is the more reason why you need to tap into all of these benefits as you beseech Archangel Gabriel daily, seeking him to be your guide and to help you climb higher on the ladder to success.

In other words, without the guidance of your archangel, you will continue to combat difficulties and financial restraints as you wallow in self-doubt and pity.

As you apply the Divine Angelum Lucis Attunement, you see positive signs both physically, spiritually, and mentally to overcome life's challenges and difficulties.