Archangel Raziel holds the power of divine mysteries and of supreme knowledge of the soul as it ushers each soul's destiny through each lifetime.

Resting in its wisdom is to believe and trust that the divine being vast in the knowledge of the human soul would lead you through a pathway that is sure to bring you prosperity in all aspects of your life.

It is simple logic.

The Divine Message

The message of Angelum Lucis Attunement mostly entails interweaving the laws of divinity in your everyday life.

That is to say, you should by no means attempt to separate these important parts of your existence

The one who knows the destiny of every soul takes charge of your life and guides you over hurdles, around potholes, and across seas that you should not be lost on the journey of life.

It is important to note that for you to tap from the fruits of Angelum Lucis Attunement is for you to believe in the unconditional love of your guardian angel.

Hence trusting that in whatever situation you find yourself, your guardian angel hates to see you suffer and would never lead you amiss.

Before you loved him, he first loved you and each time you invoke his presence, believe there will be solutions to your problem.

The Divine Abundance

The knowledge and intellect of this divine being extends to the shores of science. 

Hence, it facilitates a better understanding of quantum physics, esoteric materials as well as geometry, and in addition to these, Archangel Raziel increases your intellect, exposing you to more sophisticated levels of psychic abilities and sharpens your spiritual senses as it increases your ability to hear, feel and see Divine guidance. 

This in turn helps fulfill your yearning for Divine Abundance as you begin to see beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary realm.

Your decision-making, utterances, and lifestyle thus begin to depict that which is centered on divinity. 

The gift of insight could be exhibited in all fragments of your life as you begin to see positive results manifest in the physical realm.

Your relationship, career, mental and physical life carry around them an air of uniqueness amongst your peers.

Those who are under the guidance of Archangel Raziel enjoy a great measure of excellence in their lives.

Interestingly, the application of this Divine Angelum Lucis Attunement, exceeds the confines of your personal life as you get convictions regarding issues as basic as the weather forecast for the day, an upcoming election, or even motives behind someone else's decision and action. 

Sometimes, you get solutions to problems formerly thought to be difficult and you get a clearer understanding when you are faced with real-life challenges.