Archangel Metatron is an instigator of great change, holding the power to grant requests at the speed of light.

The change you so desire to see in your life and the breakthrough you so wish to achieve could manifest sooner than later when you apply the Divine Angelum Lucis Attunement

Gift of wisdom and your ability to request a change

Thus, those who have Archangel Metatron as a guardian angel need not be hasty in their decision-making process, as they hold the ability to instigate life-changing events.

This power if properly utilized could change every situation that appears to go south in your life.

However, this should not be a yardstick to abuse the gift of choice bestowed upon us, rather it should spur you to willingly and diligently create a relationship with the archangel for you to grow in wisdom, an important attribute to be possessed.

With wisdom, you can make the right decisions that would be beneficial to you and those around you.

Do not be shy to go ahead and ask for the gift of wisdom from your guardian angel, remember that the wisdom of man is foolishness unto God.

The miraculous turnaround in your helpless situation

The powerful archangel is also known for miraculous works. 

These are acts humanly and scientifically proven to be impossible.

He holds the ability to break protocols for the sake of the one under his protection and this is often said to be magical experiences as it goes far beyond human control.

The condition of unrest and difficulties you find yourself is likely to be as a result of the breach in communication between you and your guardian angel or the lack of it in some cases.

The simple touch of this great angel in relationships, finances, and health situations yields a great transformation in that situation that appears to be difficult to escape from.

Furthermore, those under the watchful eyes of this Archangel master the gift of working with the angelic realm as there exists a spirit-to-spirit communication, creating a link between man and the spirit world.

Your eyes are opened to see deeper into the circumstances surrounding your life challenges and the principles you need to apply to instigate the changes you so desire.

This could be likened to taking the wrong medication for an ailment.

Rather than seeing positive changes, the symptoms persist and sometimes worsen as time goes on.

Understanding that we do not battle against man and flesh but principalities and power should be one of the many reasons why you need the spiritual gifts of Archangel Metatron to effect miraculous changes in your life.

No matter how basic or acute the problem appears to be, letting your guardian angel worry about it would go a long way to effect the change that you need in your situation.

When you align with the part of your guardian angel, letting its light guide your path, you get insight into spiritual instructions and messages that would manifest a change in your physical everyday lifestyle.